Week ahead

So after a good weekend, work beckons me come Monday morning. The itinerary for the week is as follows:
Monday 6am-10am
Tuesday 1pm-4pm, My only lie in of the week!!
Wednesday 6am-12pm
Thursday 6am-10am
Friday 6am-10am
Saturday Media work 2pm-5pm
Sunday Refereeing 2 games
So 4 early starts with getting up at 5am!! Not looking forward to that. Plenty of cash to be earned so the pay packet should be nice come end of month. Also straight after work I will head to the gym to get fitness up and get back into the shape I want/need to be in. My new inspiration of my life is my dad. For him to be battling so bravely against his cancer is so inspiring to see. It’s been a horrible week and to have the support of brilliant people such as Jack and Leon has been invaluable . These 2 lads have been there for me soo much recently amongst others.
So with my alarm set for 5am Mondaŷ morning, an early night is in the offing. Breakfast is already made with my smoothie and glucose sachet already mixed, with lunch also ready. I suppose getting work done so early can only be a good thing as I still have the majority of the day to myself to do what I want which can’t be a bad thing surely?
Personally I still feel incredibly blessed to have my dad home and it’s made me appreciate him so much more. One thing for sure is that is made me realise how much I need him and care about him.
Monday itinerary:
Work, bed, gym, lunch, collect phone, cook tea and prep breakfast and the following day’s lunch then chill 🙂 each day I try to also look on the autism forums etc which I seek confidence in as it makes me feel more “normal”.
To be honest I hate that word with a passion as who is actually normal these days?
So Monday is done:) 1 day down 4 to go!:)
Work went surprisingly quick which is always good but by god it was tiring.
Gym was rather intimidating. To see blokes 5 times the size of me lifting shit loads make me feel very awkward as you can well expect. My anxiety then stepped in and unfortunately I stuck to cardio:/. But it was worth the effort and with consistent effort the goal I’ve set myself will be achieved.