Growing up I’m sure everyone has ambitions which are adjusted for many reasons whether it be a change of heart or in my position, medical issues. The percentage of autistic teachers is very small which means the chance of me achieving my goal will be a lot lower than the “normal” people.
Before I was bullied it always wanted to be a optician or F1 driver due to my first hero being the Ferrari supremo Michael Schumacher and at which point I would like to say I hope he pulls through his terrible accident of 2013. Seems along time ago and he’s missed a whole year of his life already with him being in a coma.
When I was bullied my aspirations changed regularly between 3 things.
1, chef
2, writer
3, footballer
I grew up wanting to be a chef due to my mum being a terrific cook who’s been in the catering industry for 30 years on and off. The writer side of me crept in when I discovered a passion for writing poetry which I still do to the present day. I feel it gives me an escape which is invaluable when I’m struggling. Finally a footballer due to me forcing myself to like it as previously mentioned in other posts. Let’s be clear, I wasn’t any good at it hence why I played rugby but sometimes in life you make yourself believe something soo much, it’s almost like it’s truly real.
I’ve always dreamed of being on TV in some capacity and last night it came true. BT Sports Rugby Tonight tweeted to ask people to send in questions for their guests for the evenings show. Me being the prat I am, sent in a question for the Vunipola bros to have an arm wrestle. So I wake up the following morning,(yesterday) and go to check twitter and it’s happened!!:) England great Austin Healey read my name out live on TV!:) To make it even better, my question and twitter name was put out on TV, I have since gained more followers whilst giving the public something we have all longed to see!:) check out the link for my moment in the spot light:)
I now see my ambitions much more clearly. I aim to study sport education at uni and then eventually be a PE teacher:) I know it won’t be easy to achieve it and I will battle my demons numerous times but with the current support set up around me, I know me fears will be conquered.