My dad

As the people who I hold dear to me will know, just before Christmas my dad who was 47 at the time, sadly was diagnosed with cancer. It’s fair to say this hit all my family hard. The word cancer can send shivers down many spines. To think someone I care about so much, to be so ill, is the worst feeling possible. On NYE 2014 I bumped into Mitch Reece. Mitch is someone I’ve known for years and is one of my childhood friends whom I will always keep in contact with. We happened to be walking past each other when I burst into tears due to the fear of losing my dad. It’s fair to say I was an utter mess and I’m not one to show emotions. He gave me a hug at the time I desperately needed one. With out a doubt he changed my out look on my dad’s situation and I will for ever appreciate it. So Mitch if you ever read this, thankyou so much mate, it means a lot.
He found out on the 8th December and by the 5th January, his chemo had started. 5 days of chemo and the side effects had kicked in. Sadly on the 9th January, he was taken to hospital as his temperature was well into the 40 . something. A sleepless night followed for us all as expected which was then extended into a week of sleepless nights. Personally speaking to dad most evenings gave me a great sense of happiness but it was still difficult to go about my regular life knowing that he was lying in a hospital bed.
Personally due to my ASD I take my emotions out through anger. It’s sadly the way I am and has caused thousands of arguments for me and my family. I can be taught different ways to deal with things but sometimes all that doesn’t really help. Crying for a while after each phone call was horrible. I thought I had to be strong for mum and my sister, when in reality they were being the strong ones for me! Without them 2 people I’d have been lost recently.
Work have been pretty supportive to me, allowing me time to myself when I need a minute or 2 to calm down when I was upset, as well as allowing me to have phone on me incase anything suddenly happened with dad. Also there has been a couple of people who have been amazing in supporting me. Joanne, Shaun and Bish just to name a few 🙂 The battle is far from over but hopefully come March, we will be celebrating dad being in remission.
So until the battle is over, I will be there more than ever and make dad proud no matter what the out come may be.
Until next time,