This week

So the week of work is over:) hallelujah!:) 2 days off, 1 of which I’m doing media work which is always something to smile about. More hours at work next week so more £££ at the end of the month.
The weeks not been too bad other than the early starts and anxiety of walking to work in the dark with no street lights on. Finally feel settled at work and enjoy the people who I’m surrounded by to the extent where I may be talking a bit too much!:)
I always said from the beginning that the purpose of this blog was to reach out to fellow autistic people and learn alot more about myself. For me this is an escape from everything in my life. Just putting things out there has helped me a lot. Slowly but surely I’m getting more visitors to my blog. The numbers has hit 232 across the week!:) Not too bad considering it’s only just started.
Something a friend told me last night was to volunteer at somewhere like Severnside school in Shrewsbury. As reluctant as I was to go agree with him at first, I believe he may have a point. That is certainly something he doesn’t always have!:) I’m determined as ever to succeed in life and give my potential family a brilliant life. I’m clearly not taking the orthodox pathway to teaching but there are many ways to do things these days so I will find a way.
Fair to say I’m shattered at present even though it’s pretty early in the evening. Hopefully my body will actually let me sleep beyond 5am in the morning, something I don’t do very often these days. The one positive of starting so early is that I get things done much more efficiently as there isn’t many people round to distract me.
So with this week over and more hours on top next week, I can feel I will be in this position next week. Dads on the mend which is brilliant to see. To be able to hug him when I want to is a great feeling. The battle is far from over but there is slow but steady improvement in his health which is a big relief and a massive positive.
So until tomorrow when I will start to type up a new post pre match, I wish you well.