Famous Autistic People

When I was first diagnosed with autism in 2014, the selfish and insecure side of me instantly thought “why me?” I believed I was the only one going through it as it gave me a big change on my outlook on life. After researching people who have succeeded despite having autism it gave me a much more positive view on things.
For instance Guy Martin who is a famous motorbike driver is a big inspiration of mine. For him to achieve the things he has despite having ASD is nothing short of incredible. He has gone beyond what anyone ever expected of him when he first started racing and he has done brilliantly!

Mozart the famous composer who achieved so much and his compositions still are regarded as some if the greatest ever to this present day.

Knocking on Heavens door singer, Bob Dylan is strongly rumoured to have Aspergers too. I certainly would love to see what the people who bullied him at school are doing now.

Another prime example is Susan Boyle. Although she is constantly ridiculed by a large percentage of the nation, she has one of the highest grossing albums of the 2000s. Not bad for someone who shot to fame on a naff TV show.

Michael Palin is another amongst many others. He actually studied privately at Shrewsbury School near our town centre. Great education and an all round great guy.

I could be here til the early hours of the morning simply writing about all these people who have done so well despite their social boundaries which ASD causes.

Here is just a small list of further people with ASD:
Craig Nicolls of Australian band The Vine
Paddy Considine actor in such films as Hot Fuzz
Clay Marzo professional surfer, regarded as one of the greatest ever
James Durbin an American idol sensation.

I would love to see the people who ridicule me for doing this blog and who bullied me take the mic out of those people. All successful and all have ASD. I’m not claiming that I want to be famous, I’m simply saying that autistic people can go just as far in life as “normal” people.
So until tomorrow, have a great evening,