The Blogs response

In general I’ve had a positive response to my posts. Of course there has been a few negative comments here and there but that’s expected. For me the blog allows me to finally express my emotions and thoughts about the previous 19 and a half years of my life.
At present just doing this takes my mind off my troubles at home. With dad having cancer, it’s as you all can imagine very difficult to just crack on with things. The constant worry of someone so close to me passing away, is a difficult feeling to control and to consistently muster the courage to put a smile on for both of my jobs.
A few people at work and mates have seen this have been all supportive and think it’s a positive thing for me to do. Even with the negative comments and opinions, it doesn’t effect me as in reality what it’s doing is increasing my viewing stats to the point where I was in the top 50 newly started blogs in the world in terms of viewing stats in the first week. So on that basis, all I can say is, Thanks everyone:)
Is this an attention seeking blog? Not really, it’s an escape from the hard times. My question to all my readers is this, Isn’t any post on Facebook or tweet simply attention seeking? You’re asking for a response otherwise why would you put it? Whether it be likes on a photo or status or retweets etc, it’s all the same principle in my opinion.
I’m not going to drag on with random dramble this evening so I’m simply going to keep it short 🙂