Last 12 Months

So looking back on the last 12 months, a hell of alot has changed for me. Not only do I now have autism but I have 2 jobs and still referee whilst helping out with an under 17 side and volunteering for prostate cancer. If someone would have offered me this last January I would have laughed in their face!:) So after 3 months at topps tiles, where I met someone I genuinely cared about when she came in with her mum one day, I left there after unfortunate circumstances. I hope she sees this and understands that I never meant to hurt her and I’m truly sorry for everything. Nothing against the place what so ever, but I applied for a Monday to Friday job, and then they wanted weekends which is something I simply can’t do. Come end of June time, an interesting post appeared online working for a company called RunningBall who would base me in the media dept at salop!:) Pretty much an ideal job. After 6 weeks of training through skype 3 days a week, I met my Boss Trevor in person who finished off my training portfolio. So I was then a qualified football scout!:) Not too bad for someone who can’t play football himself. Met some brilliant people since then such as Grant holt, Mark Clattenburg and Mark Clemmit just to name a few. All great people and all who are true gentlemen. Early in August, my sister recommended I got myself tested for Autism. As reluctant as I was, I agreed and soon enough, as you will know, I was diagnosed with it. Life changed pretty quickly as it gave me answers to a lot of my fears and insecurities about things. October time and Tesco came about for me. 2nd job under my belt so even more cash coming in for me. 🙂 Plenty of hours and over time later and the pay check came through and the over time hasn’t really stopped since, which is brilliant come the end of the month. Met some genuine people there who I can honestly say are all brilliant mates and I can trust. Unfortunate news to dad in December gave a crap end to the year and it’s still the same now if I’m being honest. Never really thought how much dad having cancer would affect me personally. To see someone so close and who I care about so much struggling is truly the bitch of life! The blog I’ve recently started has gave me an outlet and whether people see it or not, I know it helps me. If people don’t like it, so be it, they’re entitled to an opinion, as am I. The group of friends I have has never been better than ever if I’m being truly honest. They support me through so much and Jack Walters and his family, amongst others, have been truly brilliant and I’m incredibly thankful to both you and your parents for everything recently. I’m a much stronger person these days compared to not only a year ago, but I’m a different person from the one who left school with no confidence and the fear of doing things which don’t necessarily go with the “norm” of life. People can say what they like about me these days and it doesn’t effect me at all. I’ve been through that shit already and I can say that although it all hurt at the time, I’m a better person for never rising to any antagonism I ever received. Hopefully the next 12 months will be great and I will be a stronger person again then. Many focuses allow me to concentrate my energy on numerous topics. Next post should be up Friday so until then, AR