After a while out due to Xmas break, bad weather and spending time with dad, last Saturday I came back with a nice game at under 13 level who have the technical ability of 15/16 year olds if not more.
A brilliant 4-4 draw on a big pitch allowed me to test my fitness and test my new heart rate monitor from Brilliant website with quality things at cheap prices!:) highly recommend them.
Pretty happy with my own personal performance despite being in pain with Chronic toothache which thankfully has now been sorted!:) well kinda.
It’s been an interesting weekend for officials in the UK though and I find that i watch the refereeing quality these days rather the football.
Still doesn’t get rid of my love for the game despite abuse that referees receive. Aiming to get back in the adult game consistently as better money and it’s what I have to do to succeed in the game.
Promotion is key to my development and with the right attitude and dedication I’m sure I can do it. I have great mentors in Jack Wildman and some old guy down my road who says he used to be ex football league line.
So to finish off this short entry, I look forward to watching the officials Saturday as it’s certain to be a tasty game.