Autistic Stereotypes

The diagnosis of autism brings many stereotypes along with it. “Retard” “Weirdo” “Freak” the list could go on! The fear I had inside me of telling people about it, was incredible. I was scared to tell the people close to me as I didn’t want them to think differently or bad of me due to it.
Something that low functioning autistic people have to suffer with is when people just stare at them on the street as they act or look weird. For me I’d be lying if I didn’t say I did that when I was much younger 8-10ish as they didn’t appear to look like what I believed was “normal” at the time. They said 90% of people in the world have some sort of autistic symptoms in their lives, but this far from means they’re autistic.
The Undateables on Channel 4, has certainly changed people’s perceptions on the issue and I for one am proud to have it. Yes, it does make life difficult at time, as expected but I just try and get on with things. I believe that every person who just stares at them,even though we live in a society which accepts autism, are just simply horrible. The old phrase “it’s rude to stare” sums it up pretty well.
I’m not setting out to offend people by this post at all or annoy people but for me, I just wish that allow society accepted all disabilities and types of autism in particular. Autism UK are brilliant and campaigning and I have received support from them on the phone and email which has helped me massively, so I can only thank them for it.
I never really wanted to make this a long post so I will keep it short,
So until my next post, thankyou for taking the time to read this,
See you all soon,
AR šŸ™‚