Haven’t posted for a while due to being busy and having family things going on. Walking home from work today and I thought about how much support have I actually had from professionals in the industry and how much local support there is for autistic people.
In terms of personal support, my friends and family have been brilliant and have accepted it. Some quicker than others, but all the people I care about, have actually accepted me and have supported everything I do and have done.
In terms of local support, there is only 1 group of people who regularly meet up and do things. It was through one of the members of staff from this company who got me diagnosed privately. I haven’t yet been to one of this meet ups due to not having the confidence to do so, but I’m sure that one day I will. Other than that, locally there isn’t much there. I’ve personally found that the national autistic society have supported me more through emails and phone calls and it was through them, who suggested maybe I do a diary or something. I’m not one for diarys etc, but believed that if I deliver something for everyone to see, hopefully people can seek comfort in this and understand that there is support there for them through fellow autistic people.
Nationally there is much better support through things such as forums and skype groups. I am a member of 4 forums and regularly look at them and sometimes comment on them. Through doing that, people have read my blog and gave me great feed back, in particular a young 15 year old lad who’s loves sport like me, and wants to pursue a career in the sporting industry. If this blog only helps to inspire or persuade 1 person to follow their dreams, well I believe it’s a success. I contemplated doing a YouTube channel but i simply don’t have the time to edit it all nor the equipment. To speak to other autistic people is great for me personally and we kind of bounce off each other sometimes which is brilliant. Some people have said that the best support comes from people like yourself, and that is truly right in this instance.
Work have been supportive and understanding if my quirks and difficulties which allows me to focus and make sure I do the best job I can despite my issues. I was incredibly reluctant to say at first but once I found out the person who did the job interview was someone who I knew and who was aware of my issues, it was best to come clean. Someone who I work with looks after me very well and I kind of see her as my work mum which always puts a smile on my face. Someone who I was speaking to for a while about my dad’s issues and supporting me through out it all, actually realised she had known dad for a good 25 years but only realised once I mentioned his name and where he worked.
My plan to go back to college in September is still there and I hope the support at scat is better now than when it was 2 years ago. I’m determined to make a success of it this time, but I will need proper support mechanisms in place.
To sign off, all I can say is thankyou for reading this and the great feedback I’ve had off both the autistic society, friends and just people in general. I don’t expect everyone to like what I put, but no one will like everything everyone does in life,
Until next time,