A poem for dad

My next entry will not be slating or saying anything much other than how proud of my dad I am for fighting his cancer with the bravery and dignity he has. As many people will know, I have a passion for writing poems as it helped me deal with things in my life such as bullying and the diagnosis of my autism. I wrote the following poem the day and the day after I found out dad had cancer. Nearly 3 months later I feel I want to share it with people. To me this is truly how I feel about it all.

December 8th

I heard some bad news today, something that made me scared,
Today I found out my dad has cancer; it was something I had always feared.
I knew many people that passed away because of this evil cell,
Yet I know of some that beat it, and of course turned out well.
The fact that my dad is sick, just completely blows my mind,
When this poison is inside of him, and the cure they cannot find.
My mum is really upset, and doesn’t know what to do,
My sister cries herself to sleep and sometimes I find myself doing it too.
I know I have to be strong, and my prayers are always said,
But the question is: Does anyone really hear me when I’m lying there in bed?
What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, that’s why I always have hope,
But with each passing day that it’s on my mind, I find it really hard to cope.
I promised myself that no matter what, I would stay strong for my dad,
His feelings he does not show really well, but I know that he is sad.
I know our fate is in your hands God, but please have mercy on his soul,
Hold his hand and watch over him, as his treatment he will soon undergo.
Help him through this struggle, as he is precious to me like a pearl,      
God, please listen to our prayers, my dad is the rock of my world.

Thankyou for reading this,