Naturally throughout life, critism is something that everyone faces for many reasons whether it be for their work or just being lazy etc. For me I was criticised at school for being too sensitive and crap at football, the latter I still am now!:) At college I was critsised for my poor attendance record over both years, which I can now put down to my autism, and since then I’ve been critsised for not being on the ball as much as I should be across all things I do.

There’s obviously 2 ways to take critism whether it’s constructive or not. Route A, is to take it to heart and be upset. Easy to see why people do take it that way as no one likes to be told theyre not going about life in what some people believe is the correct way of life. For me at school, I took it to heart and repeatedly got upset about it, this of course touches towards the bullying post from a while back, but to try and out on a face smile so it looked like I was all ok to some people!

Route B, in my view is to take that frustration and feedback and turn it into a positive thing. For instance the negative feedback I’ve had for this blog, I’ve turned into my motivation to prove people wrong and to make all the people who wish to put my down for doing this, and make them realise they can’t defeat me. Some people blog to make money or gain attention, that has never ever been the plan for me. The whole idea behind this was to potentially inspire and make other sporty autistic people amongst other autistic people, that they can succeed and crack on despite things being difficult at time. I’m now luckily in a position where the national autistic society are backing me and supporting this blog massively and I can only thank them for it.

My motivation for me at the moment is if dad can carry on despite his illness, I can do anything I choose to. He truly is an inspiration to me at present. 4 more days at work and then a week off which I dam well need so throughout next week, there may not be many posts up, if any. 

I can only thank everyone for their support recently and the feedback on my blog. Until the next post which should be up Wednesday/Thursday, take care,