Coming Home

This was wrote on the journey home but poor internet has only allowed me to post it now.

So after 3 nights away I’m currently on train home. Apoligies for lack of posts the last few days, the wifi wasn’t great at the site!! Only my phone could pick it up unfortunately hence why there are 2 posts up today, the Sunday’s one which was wrote on the way up, and today’s which is being wrote on the way home.

For me although I didn’t do a great deal on this “holiday” as such, it was just the point of relaxing and forgetting about the stresses of work and overall life. Arrivinimageg so late on Sunday evening didn’t really allow for me to do anything other than get a takeaway and chill at the caravan. To be honest all I wanted to do was sleep when I got there as it was a long ass journey to Holyhead from shrews on my own so my iPad and music kept me company along the journey. Also as stupid as it sounds, me and trains don’t really get along due to my anxiety of journeys on my own in an unfamiliar surrounding around people I don’t know at all. So Monday was crap weather so a late breakfast and a few lessons from the island aswell as getting the odd bits to improve the caravans exterior, eg plants and herbs for mum to admire and use. It also felt right as my Granny Dot,(mums mum) was into using her herbs and her small Greenhouse at the end of her garden. Sadly she passed away 8 years ago but it felt right that we now have our small herb garden there. Also Grandad Ron,(mums dad) was into his fresh greens and gardening so that touch is for them 2. The rest of the day was spent majorly at the caravan due to the weather but it was just nice to be away from home.

Tuesday was stunning weather and allowed me to go for a cycle and an explore of the Isle of anglesey. As you can all see, it’s a stunning place there and to briefly explore the place was great and it allowed me to smile properly again. To see for miles and miles was so mesmerising and makes you realise a lot about yourself. Some may say it’s not “cool” to go away with your parents but I’m thankful they allowed me to go away when they were away.  The whole day made me question if I actually was in Wales, due to the incredible views when along the coast. To touch the sea water for the first time in 5 years was great, all be it, it was dam cold!!:)

Wednesday/today’s weather is pretty dodgy to be honest. The words Torrential Rain puts it across pretty well. I’ve loved my time there and I will soon go again. So until then, Thankyou Anglesey, Thankyou Mum/Dad and finally Thankyou Dan and Hayden for letting us get a caravan on your amazing site.