This was wrote in the journey up on the Sunday but due to poor internet, it’s only up now.

So with me having to use all my holidays up in March, I decided to take a week off and head down to the family caravan in anglesey. Mum, dad and kelly, headed up Friday afternoon and due to work I am only heading up today (Sunday). With the earliest direct train being 3:22, it allowed me to go and referee in the morning. As I write this for some reason there has been a 25 min stop over in chester which is dam well annoying as I want to try and see the sea view in the little amount of day light left when I arrive at the caravan park. 

So onto the week ahead,  I’m going to look into surfing lessons for when I go up in the summer, parents are going to take me exploring around the place and overall chill out. With only having 2 full days there, I want to make the most of it and try and regain the place I was in before the start of the year. 

With having so much time on my hands this afternoon, it allowed me to do a lot of thinking and contemplating the place that im currently in in terms of my life. As you will all know it’s been a crap year so far with dads illness and with me working a 28 hour week, which is pushing myself with regards to my autism as I never ever thought I would be constistnly doing it,  it’s made me realise that I can actually do more than I ever thought I could do. My goals this year were pretty simple as I didn’t want to try too hard to do too much. I set myself 5 goals which all have their own time span to be achieved in. 

  1. Make my family proud with the way I deal with things. I know many people say that is something they strive for every day but it’s something I actually want to do as it’s about time I stepped up.
  2. Become a better overall person. I’m not saying I want to change the world or any of that crap, I just want to improve the way I act and more importantly react to things in life.
  3. Get promotion for refereeing in motion again. This is something I’ve put off for many years for many reasons. At present I’m not using my talent or what I believe is a talent.
  4. Stay in a job for longer than 3 1/2 months. Now to most people this will sound a strange one, but to me, I always mess things up or let my fears take over and ruin things.
  5. Get myself into a physical condition which I’m happy with. Admittedly I put on with through comfort eating this year so my goal by my 20th birthday is to lose 2 stone. This won’t be easy but I’m sure I will:)

So with my goals now out there, let me know what you think of them. To me today’s journey is a short term goal. Some people may be aware that I hate train journeys with a passion with anyone let alone a 3 hour 15 one on my own.  It’s not a bad costing journey with a single there being £27 and a single back being £16 so pretty happy to be honest. It’s quite strange going through Wales with brief stops all over the place. Although with a sea view a lot of the time, I can’t really complain. 

Sooooo, thanks for reading this, I understand that some entries of late haven’t been great or to the standard I expect of myself and that of the National Autistic Society expects so I can only apoligise for that. Despite that, I am pretty happy with this entry. 

So to close on the same old phrase,until next time, take care,

AR 🙂