First off Id like to apoligise to my followers and the people who read my blog for not posting recently. Things have happened recently in my life which have made me take a step back and re-evaluate things.

So onto the actual post, recently my anxiety has started up again pretty badly. I feel it’s came on due to refocusing my life and I’ve kind of been ignoring my slow downfall. It only really hit me when I was away on holiday that I wasn’t happy anymore. I started worrying about the smallest things and just life in general. This then started to take its toll on my work life as I wasn’t going in and I was causing my manager issues which I clearly didn’t want to do. 

I made myself make steps to improving and getting better. 5 steps which I believe are all manageable.

  1. Do the breathing exercises I’ve been taught in the past. These got me through my train journeys and hopefully they will work again soon.
  2. Take my meds at the correct time and consistently take them all in terms of correct quantise. 
  3. Change my diet. I’ve decided to go veggie for a month and eat alot of organic food. So with me only eating quorn as meat substitute and eating lots of dried fruits and nuts. 
  4. Attempt new helping mechanisms. Hypnotherapy is something I’ve always wanted to try and not the process is in place for myself.
  5. Finally, make amends with all whom I’ve hurt emotionally recently. This wil clear my conscience and allow me to stop worrying about possible repercussions of the offensive things i may have done.

So hopefully those steps will get me to the better place I crave to be in. Also with the assurance of going back to anglesey for Easter weekend away can only help me as it’s the only place in the world I feel truly happy and at peace. 

So after a decent weekend in which I got called into a last minute game to ref and my sister cooked her famous meatball, trust me, they’re literally amazing!!!!:) and she never cooks for me so when she does, I’m very happy.

Until next time, thanks for all the support,