Inspiring facebook post

I will keep this nice and short but today I came across an inspiring Facebook post by Dani Hawkins. Don’t really know her that well, if at all but we went to school together, all be it she was the year below me. With national autism day coming up, she posted about her younger brother having it and the trials and troubles she along with her family have gone through over the years. It was amazing to read such a heart felt post and for someone else to get people aware of autism. 

I’ve since contacted her and asked her to do a post for this blog should she be willing to, and I’m glad to say she has agreed to do one. To speak to someone who has a close connection to autism and understands what he little brother goes through which enables me to support her and speak to her about it all is great.  The post will be up at some point but I’d like to thank her for saying she will do it and hope that through her, as she’s more popular than me,  other people will be more aware of it.

Until the next post, thankyou Dani and all those reading this.