World autism awareness day

 After my facebook post last night Id thought I’d follow up with a post on here. People who are diagnosed with autism are not the only people who have it. 1 in 3 people have autistic tendencies, this doesn’t mean that they are autistic, just simply that some of the symptoms of autism, they have on some minor scale. 

Whether this be children, teenagers or adults, it can affect everyone and numerous people go their while lives without their autism being detected at all. Thankfully with advances in help and medical sciences, allow it to be found much earlier on in life. A lot of doctors are reluctant these days to actually give an official name to it and just call it anxiety or social phobia, amongst other things.

Please to everyone who takes their time to read this, research autism for 5 minutes this evening. Get a better understanding of it and maybe should you come across an autistic person in future, you will be less judgemental or be more wary of why autistic people do things. This is just not specific to autistic people, if you see anyone with disability who may have adhd for instance, which I encountered yesterday afternoon after a stressful morning, sadly someone who I was with made comments about a boy/man who couldn’t control his verbal outbursts of random words. To my disgust the person who I was with got frustrated and spitefully said “I wish he would just shit up, he’s so annoying”. Fortunately that disabled boys family didn’t hear that comment but it’s fair to say it’s clearly not acceptable. Ignorance is sadly a part of society today and this is a prime example of it.