2015 Thoughts:The Good, The Bad and The Scary

So with the year coming to a close and with an incredibly difficult event happening to me recently I’ve thought it was the right time to return to here, with the hope the Shropshire Autistic Society still support me.
So on to the actual reason for writing this. Since my last post I’ve lost some important people to me as well as having a health scare recently, its made me reflect on what I’ve actually achieved this year both in actual achievements and personal achievements.
The Good:
1, I conquered my fear of train journeys by going to Anglesey and back in march on my own which was a huge milestone for myself.
2, I’m a hell of a lot more confident in not only myself but my views. That then allows me to speak up and stand up to people who critise me and put me down and I know I’m worth more than that.
3, Refereeing has got a lot better and promotion is on the cards to start in early 2016 so I can finally get on my way to getting to Football League Line.
4, I officiated at a professional football teams ground which is always good:)
5, I now truly accept my Autism, just wished others accepted it too and took time to get some knowledge on it before making judgements about me
The Bad:
1, I lost my hero, my best friend and my inspiration in May in losing my Grandad suddenly. It understandably tpre me apart and sent me into a lull for a long while.
2, Dad had cancer and was incredibly ill which was one of the hardest things ive ever had to witness.
3, I lost a friend in Colin Bloomfield who’s battle with cancer sadly ended on the day Salop got promoted.
4, Sid past away in the last few days after becoming ill rather seriously in a short space of time and its still hard to accept it when writing this.
5, I still haven’t got my driving sorted! Compared to the above, its very little but its still something I’ve not ticked off my to do list.
The Scary:
1, To me the train journey was scary even though it’s the norm to most people.
2, Speaking at my Grandads funeral was petrifying as I struggle with public speaking let alone doing it when I was having to say goodbye to my idol at the same time.
3, I recently went for a check up as I found a lump and was incredibly worried it was Cancer, luckily it wasn’t but to feel physically sick all the time because of it was dam horrible.
So that’s my return to the blog finished and all thats left to say is Happy Christmas and have a great time:)
There’s something in the offing for the new year which I will explain in the next blog:)