After 2 + years of being away from the blog, I’ve decided to pick it up again. This time with a slightly different emphasis. Instead of daily blogging for sake of blogging, I only intent to post when relevant issues are in the news for whatever reason.

This time I also have no intention of the blog being picked up by the national Autistic society either, simply blogging for the enjoyment of it and ultimately to help just that 1 person like I have previously done years ago. Funnily enough, one post last year hit figures of 1500+ views which may not sound like much, but given there was no promotion from this site, I am pretty happy with that!:)

So onto the relevance of this post. As so many Corrie watchers will know, suicide is in the news and across the show the last few days. It is naturally such a taboo of a subject but why? Seems like so many males these days can’t express their fears without society adding pressures and connotations on them.

Reality is, throughout my life, I have attempted it once and on a number of occasions planned to do it and written out the dreaded suicide not. Why I did not go through with it, is simply because I found strength from somewhere where I did not expect to find it. This subject needs to spoken about further and more openly rather than hidden. Mental health of males is such a hidden secret and unspoken topic. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!

Each day I struggle with my mental health but through support from family, friends, colleagues and a good cuddle from the Dog, I find a way through the blackened days and into the fresh light of the morning. Running has undoubtedly helped me the last year and a bit too. It’s true the endorphins released from exercise truly exist and help.

People who have gotten to know me the last 2 years since my last public post, may be surprised that I have this blog and will speak candidly about any subject to try and rid the pressures that society places on this taboo topics.

Until next time,