Student Stress

Like most other students in the UK, I am feeling severely stressed as the academic year comes to an end. This weekend in particular, I have felt as if I’m constantly underwater and can’t breath because of everything that is going on in my mind. Feeling sick, light headed and the feeling of not wanted to go on. I’ve felt like not bothering to end this academic year at all. Or simply, just giving up on everything including work, social life, family life, you can get the picture!

This is for me natural at this time of year anyway due to May being a particularly horrible month anyway for me personally, but the additional stress has been hard. Admittedly I’m on medication for my anxiety and depression but even that medication isn’t having a real effect at present. Feeling constantly suffocated is for me the worst feeling in the world.

From the age of 10/11 right up to all 30+ year olds plus, exams and assignments are part of education but it’s clearly a dangerous pressure. Looking online this morning at helplines etc, there isn’t a specific student one which is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Speaking from my personal experiences, this is something which is clearly needed.

I know of many people who would use it and just how helpful it would be. Admittedly, funding for something like this would be required, but just putting out there to anyone who may read this, would you recommend a service like that to a student who you knew was suffering with their end of year stress?

Dream scenario would be for me to go and contact practitioners and try to make a service available but right now that’s unrealistic. Although, who’s to say it won’t happen one day in years to come?

Personally I only started to feel the stress and pressure of eduction when at 6th form which was when my journey to being diagnosed with autism began. From being diagnosed with anxiety, to social anxiety to depression and then finally autism.

Until next time,