Importance of Diet to Mental Health

The saying “You are what you eat” is such a commonly used phrase in modern day but the amount of pressure that phrase puts on people is truly awful! It’s well known that I have Yoyoed with my diet for around 3 years now due to many reasons. 15 months ago I was 18 and half stone and now I sit at 15 after going down to around 14 and half 12 months ago. Every time I put on considerable weight when I was struggling with mental health and life, whether that be depression, anxiety, deaths, personal problems or break ups, destroyed my already broken soul.

So onto why diet is so important in dealing with mental health. I can vouch for myself and the people who I’m close to, in particular my direct family, who agree that by eating well, losing weight, self esteem increases. The amount of times mental health instigates weight increase, is untold and really not understood.

Yes my diet is not perfect nor overly strict and yes I eat my junk food and cheat meals, but most people enjoy a treat or two when they’ve worked hard at gym or in their work/uni lives.

Changing my diet improved my mental health and helped me to become mentally resilient to the troubles and worries I face in my life. With the stress and anxiety I’ve faced lately with uni amongst other things, I firmly believe I would have taken considerable time off work had it not been for a good diet and food regime. What so many people aren’t aware of or the last 2 years in May, I’ve had 2-3 weeks off work due to mental health issues and dare I say, depression and suicidal thoughts, but things year I only gave in for about a day and a bit off work! Considering the trend of the last few years, I don’t believe 1 day is a failure.

With parents being away this week, it would be very easy to binge on junk food consistently but infact due to loving cooking and being a reasonable chef, I’ve coped. Although, I’m being lazy tonight and having a cheat meal due to be shattered from working my backside off the last 3 days!

So uni deadline is Thursday and the final assignment is 3/4 done! Really happy with it so far so once it’s completed tomorrow it’s simply just fine tuning it and then Thursday night, a few drinks will be in order!:)

The amount of posts on here may drop again now due to the incredible opportunity which has risen to blog for Student Minds UK, a student specific mental health based charity, which is an honour and privilege!:)

So until the next time

Thankyou for reading this,