Changing Your Stars, Following your Dreams

Since being diagnosed, the biggest change in my life is that I now believe that I can be a success and follow a career that I am deeply passionate about. For years I was stuck in a rut, not knowing the direction that my life was going, simply settling in life and not chasing something I actually want, something that will give me fulfilment.

So many people I know have settled for something in life that doesn’t actually make them happy, in return for a decent wage. I ask those who read this, Is a bigger wage really worth it when you could have job satisfaction and enjoy your work?

Personally I believe the answer is No. Not in the slightest. Money is great, but as the saying goes, “If you enjoy your job, you never have to work a day in your life again.” A saying that I firmly believe in.

Just under 12 months, I left that stable, safe, consistent job and took a leap, took a risk to go to a job where I knew full well that I only had a 12 month contract. The time has come for me to consider my future. I hope that I will gain some clarification of my future soon, but I’m dam sure that I am doing my best to be in control of my destiny and be the one who chooses the direction of my life. A life that I now want to live and pursue my dream job of being a teacher.

Am I dismissing or disrespecting and disregarding those who settle in life? No, everyone had their reasons but I can only reiterate the need to chase dreams and find your passion and a job you truly enjoy!

What ever happens with my future within the next couple of months, I know that I will have done everything in my power to make sure, that the right choice, the dream choice is there for me.

My first post is now up on Student Minds too, so any support with regards to that too, would be greatly appreciated.

Until next time,