Taking Risks

So I’ve been contemplating what to write my next post about, but for me this is a topic which is important to me. Taking a risk and jumping out of the comfort zone for the long term benefits. Autistic people, so often because of the conditions, stay to the norm, the routine, the comfortable life but I’ve learnt the last few years that by jumping out of it, the benefits are huge!

Leaving Tesco in August 2017 to go to HJS was a risk knowing I only had 12 months guaranteed work, but that risk paid off massively! I developed confidence in my ability, confidence and knowledge of the educational sector but more importantly I developed an understanding of just how tough working in education is. By doing this, it affirmed by believe that education is where I belong and am ultimately destined to work in for the rest of my career. I worked under a brilliant teacher and all the staff there supported me in my journey with the OU.

After falling out of love with the OU this year, I started looking into going to traditional uni, something which as I’ve previously mentioned in past posts, was ruled out by everyone. I’m no doubt taking a risk by going to uni, back into the class room environment which I struggled with so badly in the past knowing that my chosen uni are so good with mental health, after finding that out from a distant family member who attends there, I know it’s the right place for me. 3 years time and I will finally be a primary school teacher! The goal will have been achieved. I take so much from HJS, simply in terms of friends and people I regard so highly, but ultimately I take going forward a respect of teachers and what they do and a drive, passion and believe that I will be a success in taking this risk!

The 12 months at HJS, will no doubt support me through uni life simply because of the first hand experience I now have! I’m relieved to have been getting to know other people on my course in preparation for September and I certainly look forward to getting to know them and others further!:)

So until next time….

Thankyou for reading as always:)


Pressures of Society

So with society being as toxic as ever, I’ve thought it’s now time to bring up a few of my personal gripes with what is wrong with it and why. Whether that be society from face to face interactions, the pressures TV and Media puts on people, in particular young people or the issues with how damaging social media can be.

So growing up being bullied for being different, society I felt, was incredibly cruel to me. My peers didn’t understand me, I didn’t understand me and I was just different. It was standard for boys to like and obsess over football and support a “good” team, the teams of which, I will let you decide! The way other children made me feel like I had to look a certain way otherwise I’d be “uncool” or “gypo” (apologies for any offence caused). When I first turned up in year 7, from a different school to the majority, I instantly saw how generic my peers were in terms of the brands of footwear and jackets, in this case Rockport shoes and HH or Lacoste jackets. I didn’t have either and kind of felt like more of an outsider than I already did. The issue with this stems from in my opinion, the parents allowing children to be so brand oriented from such a young age! What 10/11 year old actually needs a Lacoste jacket worth £40+ which looks no different to any other jacket bar a little logo? It’s simply ridiculous!

On to the good old topic of the Pressures that TV and Media puts on people. People must look in a certain way, must be a certain size, must act in a certain persona. How is this healthy for people to feel that they have to be like that? At present Love Island is not helping people with their self esteem at all. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the show despite my issues with what the show portrays is the way people need to look! How many of those “islanders” actually have a regular body? The “dad bod” which apparently is meant to be attractive, is really nowhere to be seen. Simply blokes with huge muscles and a body which is effectively sculpted and girls with a a tiny waist and a perky bum amongst other features. How many of those females are say size 12+? I am not trying to body shame these people or critique them, but for so many young people, it can make them feel insecure about themselves which can lead to things like body dysmorphia. It’s a guilty obsession for so many, like myself but the way those on the show look, is not a true representation of how society actually is. Just the 10/10 looking people who granted train hard for their bodies, but it’s not the way the majority of people actually look!

All those factors can lead back to causes of mental health. Yes so many things lead to mental health issues, but the way people believe they need to look in the current society we live in is all because of the pressures of those on TV are. I’d love to see a Love Island with people who actually have the average body and not the chiselled one which all the islanders seem to have!

Right, Rant Over!

Until Next Time,