Dealing With Change

To most people, change can create a lot of anxiety, worry and so much uneasiness but for autistic people, particularly children, this can gave a profound affect on how they feel. The reality is though, change can be so good! Admittedly, some change is forced and can be negative but it’s about how we deal with it and move on in a positive direction!

So I’ve thought about how to write this post in terms of, do I do a 5 steps to dealing with change type thing or do I just speak about how dealing with change is important?

So I’ve decided to do the guide of how to deal with change, but anyone who reads this, I would like feedback if you disagree with any of my steps so it’s a better representation and simply not my opinion.

So here goes,

Step 1:

Be Open To Change:

For so many people, change is something they simply do not like or want but who knows what great things may happen if you try it? Open yourself to the idea of a new project or way of life, granted, it may be a risk sometimes, but risks can be so worthwhile.

Step 2:

Give Change A Try:

What I mean by this, is to allow yourself to embrace the change and put yourself into the new challenge. Don’t deliberately have a negative outlook on it and almost put obstacles in place for the change to fail.

Step 3:

Have A Support System In Place To Help You With Change:

This may not be a step everyone follows simply because they may want to do things solely on their own without interference from others, but learning from experiences, when I’ve changed my life or daily routine, having a support system in place with family, friends and work/uni, helped massively.

Step 4:

Don’t Be Afraid For The Change To Not Work Out:

Naturally in some cases, things won’t work out for you, but that’s okay! If it doesn’t work out in the way you want, it’s then about how you respond to that. The change may not be for your right now, but may work out for you in future.

Step 5:

Enjoy Change:

Simple enough final step. Enjoy what the change brings, enjoy your life and what the change has brought to it, and celebrate the success of change with those around you!:)

So as I’ve said earlier in this post, I’m not preaching or acting like I know everything, but simply saying what works for me!:)

As always, feedback is welcome!:)

Until next time,

Thankyou for reading,