Pushing Your Comfort Zone

So this is a post which is so relevant to me personally at present with me starting proper uni in 5 weeks time. Education is something I’ve struggled with socially since I left secondary education and to say I’m apprehensive about starting uni, is an understatement! Granted, I’m looking forward to it so much and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people on my course and other “freshers” but the fact is, I can be the most awkward person socially, as many friends already know!😂

I look at when and why I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone across the past 2-3 years, and look at the success of me doing it. I’m going to quickly explain 4 or 5 occasions and what positive change happened when I pushed myself and pushed my anxiety to a point, at the time, I never thought I could cope with.

1, A couple of years ago, I did a high wire course. Now admittedly it was brilliant fun and I really did enjoy the day, but for someone so scared of heights, it certainly pushed me! It wasn’t as if it was only a half hour thing, if I remember right, it took around 4 hours but it was awesome and despite how things ended with the person I went with that day, I look back on it fondly.

2, Starting the OU. As I’ve mentioned already, Education is something I’ve been almost in fear of since I left school after sixth form and scat not exactly going successfully to put it mildly! The positives of me starting the OU are to many to count. It finally gave me the grades to go to proper uni and gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams.

3, Leaving Tesco to go to HJS on only a 12 month contract. I left a job which I couldn’t stand at all but was guaranteed work, for a job which was only for 12 months. I had to push my anxiety to work full time again, to use my limited knowledge and experience of primary education to help children with their education, when I was far from qualified to do so! But unquestionably it was worth it! Got so much out of it and ultimately it gave me the drive and confidence to really push on and pursue goals.

4, Go back into social learning. Now this is something which 5 weeks today I shall restart. Something which I’m as previously mentioned, very apprehensive about, but really am looking forward to the next 3 years and the career that beckons for me after completing the degree.

So to close, what I’m trying to say is, try and push yourself from that comfort zone, make yourself feel uncomfortable for the potential benefits. Take a leap, it may not work out, but what if it does? What if it gives you the life you want? If it doesn’t work out, deal with it then, but take the chance to achieve goals and dreams. One thing I’ve always been taught by my parents is to find the life you want and not to settle for 2nd best, which is something I whole heartedly agree with and live by.

As always, Thankyou for reading.

Until next time,