The Real Ben Tipton

I’m never one to ever speak about myself in 3rd person, in fact I think it’s a little strange but for this post, I think it’s time I addressed a few things. So who is Ben Tipton?

I don’t necessarily know whether the way I’m approaching this is correct, but hey ho, I’m learning still as a blogger and have a unique style. As quirky as it is, I’ve decided to write a description using each letter of my name to start each line. Suppose my writing of this blog is a way I can get my feelings down on paper and explain the fragility’s I have due to my condition. Being open and honest, although scary is something I feel I need to do:) It’s a way I express myself creatively as I can’t do any hands on creative things such as arts and crafts. So here goes:

B- Behind the confident exterior is a truly fragile and sensitive sole

E- Excelling at things is something I rarely do. I’d like to think I’m half decent at most things but no specialist area

N- Nobody truly understands me. A few people understand 90% of me, but there’s always 10% of me which is closed and not even family understand it

T- Tall 6ft 3, bloke with a huge heart. I care too much most of the time which often leads me to getting myself hurt

I- Individual. I believe there is no one else like me in the world. I’m different and at times too different

P- Positively weird. Enough said!😂

T- Tries too hard to get people to like me. I always feel like I’m the one who should make the effort because I’m scared I’m not enough for anyone

O- Outsider at school. Yes I had friends at school, but I felt different and in my mind I was always an outsider and felt so different

N- Now you know a bit more about me and why I’m slightly weird and different

I hope this post goes down okay and the format of it works! The future for me is bright I hope and pray and one day in 5 years I will look back on these posts and I really hope I smile at how good my life is when I’m working my dream job.

Until Next Time.