Learning From Mistakes

As the saying goes, “it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them”. I ask the question, are mistakes the best lessons in life? Or are they simply a judgment of error?

Now you can of course learn from many mistakes, but what if those mistakes are not able to be corrected? We all make mistakes, me more than most but it’s how we react to those mistakes, which creates our character. Obviously some mistakes are worse than others! For example a mistake on a test is not going to do any damage, where as a mistake when driving could easily do that.

Now I look back on some of the major mistakes and minor mistakes which have occurred throughout my life and think about if I really learnt from them and whether I’m happy that those mistakes were made.

The first one which springs to mind is rather comical! When playing rugby as a child for Shrewsbury, I made a rather embarrassing one which personally I will never forget! As people know, you can only score a try if you touch the ball down after the try line, yea shame my 10 year old self forgot that and I touched the ball down on the 5 metre line! Safe to say, we didn’t score a try in the play after it!😂 Not a big mistake but I certainly learnt going forward!!:)

Next mistake I’m going to touch on is when I’ve made mistakes on how I’ve judged people wrongly. Growing up, I judged people or maybe avoided people who were different to myself, due to my friendship being the stereotypical set of boys. Not saying that was a bad thing at all, but it was on reflection limiting to my social development. I also look at how even in the present day, I had a first impression of someone which was far from the person that they actually are. About 4 years ago, I met someone who if I saw them in the street, I would have probably crossed the road, but having got to know them since that day, they are genuinely the most friendly and kind person you could meet and although I didn’t let my original judgment tarnish anything, I certainly regret having that first impression of the person!

My final mistake which I would say I’ve learnt from, is with money! To put it short, I am useless with money! Burns a hole in my wallet as such😂 How many things have I bought which in reflection I really shouldn’t have? Can count a few pairs of ridiculously expensive running shoes on that list along with so many times I’d buy bottled water! Hundreds of pounds I’ve spent on something I could get out of tap. Also I’ve made stupid purchases just because I wanted something when I actually didn’t need it! This brings into debate whether you can justify buying something you only want? Where as you could save money for something you actually need but don’t have patience to save!

Granted, this post was slightly different to my usual posts and slightly off piste to my predominant focus of my life and how I deal with my autism but what I’m really trying to say, is that we all make mistakes and some times we can laugh and look back at them and other times we can truly learn from them for the better!

Until Next Time,