Trust Your Gut or Going Off The Facts

So the aged old problem of whether or not to trust your gut or wait until facts are there? 90% of the time I trust my gut, whether that be the correct decision or not is always open to interpretation but is trusting your gut simply a sense of being scared and wanting to protect yourself from the potential consequences?

I look at events that have happened of late and the reality is, when I’ve trusted my gut, I’ve potentially alienated myself and offended people but at the same time I’ve realised a lot and potentially protected myself from me!

Now even when refereeing football, if I have a gut feeling on whether or not it’s a foul, I usually go with it and blow for it. Granted, you’re meant to be certain of any decision you give, but every referee if they’re honest, they will say that with they are NEVER 100% certain with every decision. You may be thinking how is this relevant to Autism and the post topic, but indirectly it really is.

I look at real life situations which have occurred to me recently and I question whether or not my gut decision was correct, but luckily due to the incredible support network I have in place, I have no doubt in my mind, the decisions I made are the best in the long run for me.

So what am I really getting at in this post? I suppose it’s quite simple. Follow your gut if you feel so strong about a scenario and make sure you back yourself along the way. Every decision you take in life has potential consequences in reality and nothing is truly a safe option or decision. My gut feeling was to not pursue traditional uni, but I look the chance and the reality is, it was an amazing chance.

For every gut decision, there needs to be some sort of risk but risks are the fun and scary parts of life!:)

So until next time, Thankyou as always,