Starting University

So even though I’m writing this far in advance, by the time this post goes up, I will be 48 hours away from getting a bus to go uni for the first time! A daunting process no doubt but so exciting to be going to start a life’s dream! All students across the country starting uni, will more than likely be incredibly nervous, but it’s so natural for us all! I’m lucky as I’m going to a reputable university in my home town, so some of the nerves of moving to an unfamiliar place, has gone but for someone who hated post 16 Education due to my anxiety and issues, it’s a scary thing for me to start.

What’s Given Me The Confidence To Do This?

For so many students around the UK at this time, it’s an incredibly nerve racking period and so many people lack the confidence to go away to uni. It’s a period of change and uncertainty as so many students leave home to in most cases go somewhere they know no-one. I look at how my sister did when she moved away and it inspires me! Granted she only moved an hour away, but for her, it was massive. She moved to a big city at one of the best universities in the country for her subject and to say she thrived is an understatement! Seeing how she did gives me the confidence to go to uni and stick at it through the tough times! I actually owe so much to her because there’s no way I would be here right now about to start uni, if she didn’t come with me to the doctors to chase my diagnosis of Autism. I’ve given myself the confidence too after grafting to achieve my opportunity and with hard work and a support system in place, my confidence will continue to grow!:)

What to do if you’re struggling

Get support from uni and your peers. Other students may have been just as nervous as you on their first day and so many universities offer a buddy system for first years. My uni offer one and although I’m not using it, it’s nice to know it’s there! Uni life may not be for you at first, but every person I know who is there now or has been to uni, have told me to enjoy it and savour every moment! Even the ones you can’t really remember due to the social life……….

I can’t preach I know what it feels like because I don’t and yes I’m scared but it’s going to be worth it! So I set a challenge to any student who reads this and they have doubts about how they will cope at uni, message me in 6 months and tell me how you got on and how well you’re doing!

I’m now regularly getting 200-250 views per post and I hope in time this will grow and I can support not only autistic students but people who suffer from Autism in general or even those who’s family member may suffer from it!

Thankyou as always……