What was starting uni like?

So after a little 2 week break, I’m back:) As I’m sure the 200 odd people who read my posts will understand, I had to allow myself a break from posting and concentrate on putting myself into the beginning of uni.

Last week was for me Hell! It was unorganised at times which for my anxiety, wasn’t great. Sadly it lead me to a panic attack on the Friday morning, but more about that later. Typically “Freshers week” is a week for socialising, getting drunk and creating vivid memories. Personally I believe i accomplished 2 of those factors. The social aspect was great, met people on the course, of whom all are lovely which is really reassuring going forward, and making memories kind of happened too as in the process of meeting those people, hopefully the memories of when I first met them, will stay with me and I will look back on graduation day with a smile on my face and realise just how far we have all come.

Enrolment was a strange feeling. It was very very short, but getting that Student ID card felt surreal. The moment the dream of going to traditional uni was achieved. The dream that was always written off, was now a reality.

Thursday and Friday were due to be induction days to the course. Sadly not everything went to plan for me! I coped okay on the Thursday, but sadly Friday was too much and a panic attack later, meant that I couldn’t go in. Wasn’t ideal but it happened and we move on!:)

This week was a lot better. The first proper week of uni. Lectures beginning and the real work starting!:) The reality of what uni life will be has certainly kicked in. I sit here writing this shattered after what effectively was a 4 hour lecture with a lot of info compacted within that period. In fact 14 pages of notes!😂 Slowly but surely I am settling in and having the people in class who are great and knowing the tutors are aware that I have Autism and that I may need to have a 5 min break if I’m having a wobble, is certainly helping.

So uni has started, it’s real now and the hard work has already began. First assignment due in on Wednesday so here’s hoping I make a good first academic impression and get positive feedback going forward.

Until next time,

Thankyou as always,