World Mental Health Day

Time to be real and honest here, how many people truly realise and understand the pain and struggles of mental health?

The silent killer as the saying goes, the illness that’s not clear to see but so many people struggle with it daily. “You don’t seem depressed”, a saying which is so commonly flounced around with no real backing from the person saying it. After all, what does someone who’s struggling with mental health, whether that be depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD just to name a few, really look like? Are they meant to stand out and make it obvious what they’re struggling with? Or do we as a society need to be more understanding and cautious knowing that so many people are going through problems? Stats publish by The World Mental Health website (2017) show that 1 in 6 people around the world suffer from mental health weekly. Just to put that into perspective, in Shrewsbury just over 60,000 people live here, so that’s over 10,000 of those are suffering.

Remember your school days and on average you would have a class of 30 pupils, 5 of those people on average could have been struggling. On an even smaller scale, think about having a full car of 5, from those stats, more than likely 1 person is suffering.

I openly speak about my mental health and my struggles with depression and anxiety but they are simply traits on autism amongst other things. Mental disabilities such as Autism are classed different to general mental health. Mental health is a common killer as I’ve stated a short while ago on my post around suicide, but what can we do to buck the trend of people thinking mental health is a weakness?

In my opinion there are 3:

1, Lets try to remove the stigma of mental health that society has, which hopefully will allow others who are suffering in silence to open up and try and receive the support they do desperately need.

2, Make treatment available easier than it currently is. Granted the NHS are stretched and I full respect that, but the current waiting list for counselling is roughly 8 months! Something which I’m currently on myself. 8 months is too long. Any longer than 4 weeks is too long in my humble opinion. Things can change so much in 8 months! Sometimes changing so negatively in cases where people can’t cope.

3, The final point is quite simple. Just be nice to people. Don’t ridicule them or put someone down for no reason. You don’t know what they’re going through. They may be feeling so low and what you say could make it even worse and lead to catastrophic consequences. I’m not saying deliberately go out your way to approach people in public and be overly nice but I am saying, don’t go round being an idiot making people feel low or saying things which people aren’t going to find pleasing.

So this post is kind of a rant as such about what needs to change and why it needs to change, so I apologise if I’ve not exactly enlightened your day by posting this!

As always, Thankyou for the support,

Until next time,