Meeting My Female Double and Making New Friends At Uni

Now this post’s title is a little strange but it’s true too. Starting uni, I was scared that I’d be labelled for being Autistic or not meet anyone else who understood me or even was Autistic themselves, but boy was I wrong! On the 2nd day of Freshers week I met another high functioning Autistic person who’s on a different course to me, but she was someone I spent a lot of time with freshers week and who I regularly speak to. She’s given me permission to write this post about her and it’s something I feel privileged and over the moon to write about.

When I was first diagnosed in August 2014, I was almost pushed towards attending Autistic meet ups or groups, of which I refused to go to for 2 main reasons mainly. One being that I didn’t want to be around others like myself due to not accepting I had it for a while, but secondly, I was worried and rightly so, that all the other Autistic people would be the lower functioning ones and dare I say, completely unlike me.

So why is she exactly like me other than the obvious that we both have the same condition? She has the same mannerisms as me, the same mindset in term of predominantly suffering from struggles around anxiety and unexpected changes but also she has the same outlook on life as myself. Meeting her and now calling her a friend of mine, is truly a blessing and it’s one that’s reciprocated from her side. Socially I’m developing myself at uni so much but knowing I have her and agreeing to support each other through the trials and tribulations of our degrees across the 3 years is amazing. She’s an awesome person and one who I know won’t just be a friend for the duration of uni, but one who I will regard as a friend for life.

So much worry went away the day I met her and got to know her. She’s as I say, my female double. Granted she’s not into sport but I’m not into some of the things she’s into but it’s not about that. It’s about how both of us have a love of a certain area and know so much about that area respectively.

Across the short time I’ve been at uni I’ve met some other amazing people too. Social media helped me to meet people pre course but there’s a couple on my course who I’ve been speaking to since July and have helped me settle in and they’re amazing people! I’ve been accepted for who I am and not having to just fit into a social group. Everyone on my course who I’ve spoken to are lovely in particular the lads who I was wrongly worried would find out I’m Autistic and slightly different and not bother with me, but by god how wrong could I have been! They’re a great set and so accepting which has reassured me and allowed me to enjoy uni for what it is!:) Even those not on my course are lovely. I’ve bonded with another one in particular who’s now my boss of an imaginary job fantasy type thing which no one will ever understand and in truth, I don’t understand!😂😂

I’m just going to close this post in a corny sort of way and just thank those I’ve met for allowing me to be me and just enjoy life to the max for the first time since grandad passed in 2015.

Until next time,

Thankyou as always,