It’s okay not to be okay

So as the title of the post suggests, “it’s okay not to be okay”. So many people think that admitting they’re struggling is a weakness, but in my opinion it’s a strength and showing the world that you’re strong enough to come across vulnerable. “Man up”, “Grow a pair”, or “Just get on with it, you’ll be okay” are phrases so commonly thrown around in society to those who are struggling mentally.

Why are those sayings around though? What do they even truly mean? Why do they matter? To answer the first question, it’s the aged old tradition of Britain that you just have to carry on through the tough times and get on with it or man up. Those traditions are incredibly old fashioned and out of touch. They don’t truly mean anything if we are all being honest. They are just said in conversation with no real backing or reasoning. So I ask you, why say it if you don’t have any understanding behind their meaning? Finally to answer the question of why do they matter? They don’t. They don’t matter one bit and never will. Anyone who ever say them to you again in future, ignore them. They’re simply being stereotypical and just robbing you off and you all deserve so much more than that.

It’s okay to be vulnerable and not to be okay. It’s okay to admit you’re struggling and needing help and that should be promoted in society and the media that asking for help is perfectly understandable and shows that you will achieve and become better. Sometimes things have to get worse in life to get better, but you sometime have to put yourself at risk but those risks, I can vouch for from personal experience are 100% worth it!

Showing strength by admitting you’re struggling is something that needs to be championed. Someone I know to be recently did this and I’m so unbelievably proud of them. I will support them through this tough time just as they have supported me in the past and they will get better. I know they will and deep down they know it too. They’ve shown how strong they are by admitting they’re in need of help.

I ask anyone who knows someone going through struggles to get around them and pick them up. Do something spontaneous for them and surprise them. It could make their day and help them realise they can get through it. Life’s tough at times but with support from your friends and family, you can achieve greatness and muddle through the black and find your way to the bright sunshine as cliché as it sounds. Every person in this world has at least 1 quality that they bring to the world and I for one want people to believe in themselves that what they bring, is amazing and special and ultimately, THEY ARE VALUED!

You are valued and even when you think that no one cares, trust me, there’s someone in the world who does and they will find their path to you and show how much they care. I suppose what I’m trying to say in this post is that try not to be scared by admitting you’re feeling down and wanting support because you’re showing the upmost amazing courage by doing so. I openly speak about my worries, struggles and fragilities but for others it’s a challenge.

Love yourself for what and who you are because the world appreciates you and so many people appreciate you too, sometimes you just forget it which is perfectly okay. I repeat this again but admitting weaknesses is a sign of courage and strength. Never be afraid because IT IS OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY!

Thankyou as always for reading,

Until next time,