Normal- The Most Insulting Word

Most people who know me, will know I hate the word “normal” with a passion. People just expect you to be “normal” and be like every other person.

Ask yourself What Is Normal?

The official definition is “conforming to standard; usual, typical or expected.” Everything which that defines is wrong. To so many people, including myself and others who suffer with mental health and disabilities, being told that they aren’t normal is a regular occurrence. This is a clear issue in my opinion and needs to change. It’s insulting as not one person who suffers mentally wants to stand out from the crowd, they want to blend it and more often than not, not be noticed in any way.

Every person’s “normal” is different for so many ways. It’s our individuality and personal quirks that makes the world so amazing to be on. Different backgrounds, genders, ethnicity, sexual orientation, morals and health conditions just to name a few are reasons why everyone has something to bring to the world. My “normal life” is different to say my sisters. I go to uni, have counselling, referee and suffer from anxiety, where as she has her own home, a long term partner, a great job and a strive to be a Doctor of Psychology. As you can see, her norms of life and my norms are different. Granted there are similarities such as same parents, similar values, similar mindsets but I don’t work, she does, I don’t have my own place, she does. Her norms are how she lives and makes continuity in her life and obviously I have my own way of life too.

I suppose what I’m trying to say without going too much off on a tangent, is that there is no such thing as normal these days. All “normal” is, is the preconceived traditions of Britain which yes served Britain so well but no longer are they relevant or current. My way of life as an autistic person is normal (standard) to me. Don’t say to anyone that they aren’t normal as it is so unbelievably offensive as not one person in the world who is suffering wants to stand out. Allow those who are struggling to blend in and almost be unnoticed unless they choose to step forward. Let others choose to live their lives in their own way, respect that and never put someone down or insult them just for your own personal gratitude.

Respect others, praise others, treat others well and be polite. Life isn’t about putting people down or outing them for their struggles and worries. Life is worth living so don’t make someone else’s worse.

Until Next Time,

Thankyou and respect to all who reads this,