Time To Buck The Stereotypes

So when you ask someone What Does An Autistic Person Look And Act Like? The common response is one that is applicable to the lower functioning people. The ones who have lesser Fine Motor Skills and emotional and social development but the reality is, autistic people come in all shapes,sizes, personalities, and genders. I’ve previously wrote a post a couple of years ago about famous autistic people but in light on Anne Hegarty being on I’m a Celeb 2018, I thought it was time to revisit the topic.

Now the amount of people who have said to me once they find out that I’m autistic that “you don’t look autistic”. But what does Autism look like? Is there a label we wear to make us stand out? Is there a facial or bodily feature that screams that you’re autistic? Or even is there a personality trait so obvious that you is clearly autistic?

The answer to all those questions to put it simply, is there is no obvious way to tell if someone is autistic. More often than not it’s far from obvious to differentiate an SEN child/adult to a general every day person to a higher functioning Autistic person. So let’s buck the trend and really understand that the variety of SEN conditions do not stand out or scream that they have those conditions. They’re part of the person yes, but those parts makes someone individual and uniquely talented. My unique talent as such is that I remember the most irrelevant and pointless football and sports knowledge. I won’t ever need to use it in my lifetime but some of the sports facts I know, I simply shouldn’t know as there’s no reason to know them. My family joke around saying if I were to go on Pointless, I’d go with my sister as her general knowledge is pretty strong and I know random facts about things, have strong sports knowledge and can tell pretty much any countries flags apart.

So without going off on too much of a tangent, what I’m trying to say is, please broaden your horizons and take notice that SEN is not obvious and the higher functioning people need just as much understanding as the SEN people. Life is all about ups and downs as everyone says, but it’s time to really change the general publics opinions and learn about all mental health and SEN conditions. The Tv advert which looks as mental health being hidden and invisible is true. You don’t scream out and make it obvious if you have anxiety or depression. No one would know unless you speak openly about it.

Make smiles to that one person each day and really create a better understanding of Autism, OCD, Dyslexia to name a few. Conditions don’t have to scream to you to want understanding. Maybe if those who had a condition would be more open with those around them, if they felt the world and public were more understanding and knowledgeable?

Thankyou as always for reading,