A Huge Change

So the last week or so, something huge and quite nice happened. I was approached and accepted and now 100% agreed to a agreement of what direction the blog will be going in which will result in me being paid to blog. Granted it won’t be a great deal of money but to be paid for something I enjoy and also something I can write in roughly 15 mins per post, is brilliant.

Since I came back to blog properly in May, I chose to only focus on areas I actually care about and inspired to cover, so to be offered this chance for 12 months is brilliant. I haven’t achieved all that i want to with this blog yet, far from it but have a few ideas going forward into the new year about what direction the blog will go and what things I will be blogging about.

So admittedly this is a short post, but one which I am really happy to share and it’s the hard work I’ve put in the last 6 months, which has given this opportunity. So Thankyou to all that have read any of my posts as they all add to viewing figures and awareness of certain topics.

Thankyou once again,