How to beat the bad days

So it’s well documented that I struggle with mental health and those who struggle with mental health, will know that when you’re having a bad day or period, it’s incredibly hard to find a way out of it and to at times, not give up on life and the things you enjoy.

Of late, I’ve suffered incredibly badly with anxiety and feeling low about everything from uni, to Friendship, to family etc. But the reality is, I had to find a way through it and I still seek my path through it as I write this. Over reading week around 5 weeks ago, I had a huge anxiety attack, so much so, I ended up in hospital because of it, but somehow only 3 days later, I found a way to get to uni, and muddle through lectures.

So what am I getting at here? In short, it’s about how I found strength and showed that inner grit to see the light. On average I probably have 2 bad days a week where I really do not want to continue with uni, socialising and at times, the life which I have worked so hard to have. I’m incredibly open about how I deal with things and for me the best way I deal with having the bad days, is to write a blog post, write a poem or have a good old musical theatre session where I watch as many musical theatre films as I can. I’m not afraid to admit, it’s my guilty pleasure and hidden love.

I’m not going to preach or give advice on how to get through the tough days, we are all individuals and have our own ways, but I suppose what I’m trying to say is, is that during those bad days, try and find something you enjoy about life and spend time doing it.

Life gives you ups and downs, more downs than ups usually, but it’s about how we respond and turn back into the positives. We can’t predict what will happen in life next, but we can only respond to it and go down a positive route. An old psychologist who I used to attend counselling with once showed me that life is like a game of checkers. You can’t predict everyone else’s moves, you can only take a deep breath, think and then make your next move.

Until next time,