Clichè End of Year Review

At the beginning of the year I set myself 10 targets of what I wanted to achieve this year. Fair to say, I haven’t done any of the goals I set, but in fact, I’ve achieved things that I would have never thought of.

I wanted to lose more weight, well that didn’t happen, in-fact I put weight on😂.

I wanted to achieve a PB in a 10K run, well crippling injuries screwed that over.

I wanted to end the academic year with a 2:1, well I did that:).

I wanted to be in a good place going into the new year the the open uni. Well, a huge change of direction clearly happened on that front!

I wanted to achieve self confidence and self worth, for the first time in a long time, I achieved that.

Of all the times I wanted to achieve, this was by far the most important, I wanted to raise awareness for mental health one way or another. This is something which I believe I have done. This blog has supported that and I’m rather out spoken about how I feel the NHS are regarding mental health too!

Every year so many people set goals and don’t achieve them and get down hearted. The reality is, is despite those goals you have for yourself, you may achieve so much more.

In May this year when I was effectively told I was losing my job, I was heartbroken and worried about what the future may bring, but that happening to me, made me chase something else. I was disillusioned with the OU so explored a different avenue, to see if it was viable. 6 months on, it’s clearly was viable and being told I was losing my job, was probably the best thing to ever happen to me! Of course the reasons for losing my job were disappointing and something which I can’t divulge, but it certainly opened me up to the educational system!:)

After 2015, I knew life could never be that bad again and every year would be better than that! If someone would have said that losing my job which I loved so much, would be the catalyst for so much positivity to come into my life, I would have told them where to go as such. In life sometimes a positive may only come from a negative event!:)

So until next time,