Back to it!:)

Been a few weeks since posting with Christmas and New year etc but thought it was time to return.

I intend to take the blog in a different direction going forward. It will be a mental health/life challenge post every other week, with a fitness and healthy eating based post the other weeks.

Now some people may not want to read the fitness ones, but this has never ever been about views, it’s only been about me effectively having a diary and being happy to share it.

So fitness and food wise, I intend to food diary through the trusty old MyFitnessPal so calorie counting which although is laborious, it’s the best way which I’ve found to keep to a diet and to be honest with it too. Calorie wise I aim to have 2350 per day, split into the 4 sections of Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Snacks. Food targets will then be split into the 3 Macro groups and aiming to pick up Micros from other sources.

Learning from the past, consistency is key with diet but also having a treat is too!:) An amazing Instagram account that emphasises this too is CarterGood.

So this is it for this post. Simple intro into the new year and new project.

Until next time,