1 Bad Day Doesn’t Mean You’re Weak

First post in 2 months after some challenging personal struggles so this kind of explains how I’ve got through them but also has relevance to someone else’s life.

So this post is inspired but something which someone I know is going through at present. The reality is though, so many people including myself have the view that one bad day can make a bad week, a bad month and make you feel weak. The reality is, having a bad day is okay, it’s fine, it doesn’t mean you’re weak or that you’re struggling again. Everyone has bad days but it’s about how we bounce back from them and accept it’s nothing that we can’t get through.

The truth is that by admitting it’s been a bad day, it’s not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of strength and bravery. I am a firm believer that no one is weak in life regarding mental health, in my view anyone with struggles mentally, simply need to rebuild their brick wall. As the analogy goes, a brick wall can be knocked down but it can be built back up again. So to use that in real words as such, it’s just about making sure one little knock doesn’t cause a huge meltdown. And even if it does create a huge meltdown, as with all walls, you just slowly over time rebuild your resilience again.

So many people require inspiration to find that strength to get through the tough moments but we are all our own inspiration. If we have a had a bad day in the past and bounced back from it, that’s all the inspiration we need! You’ve shown to yourself that you can do it once and you can do it again! I’m so proud of a certain someone right now and they will fight their brick wall and with some cement in the shape of their friends and with the bricks in the shape of their self belief, that wall will soon by a sky scraper.

Yes this is a little cliché but the message is there. We can all get through our struggles with some self belief and good people round us.

Until next time,