Channeling Worries to Positive Anxiety

This post was done across 3 days so if it seems a little all over place, you now know why 😂

So I’m sitting outside my lecture room waiting to do my presentation and I’ve just had a good old panic attack! The reality is for so many students across the country, between the next 3 months or so, there will be horrendous tests for them regarding exams and presentations which shape their lives massively. I’m not going to say it’s easy because it’s far from it but it’s about Courage at this time of year. Courage and finding the inner strength to get through it. As someone who doesn’t cope with exams or presentations very well, Tuesday was incredibly scary and challenging but with the support of those in my group, the support of my tutors and the understanding of those who had to watch the presentation, I got through it. Granted it was only 12 minutes but by lord it felt the longest 12 minutes of my life and I felt my leg twitching and I had to stop/limit my shoulder and eye twitches.

So the aim of this post is not to sugar coat the stress and anxiety of this, but in some ways offer advice, granted I’m no expert, but also try and teach myself a lesson or two about channeling that anxiety from negative anxiety and stress to positive anxiety where it encourages me to succeed.

So here are 7 steps, some of which are obvious, to channel that negative worry to positive anxiety!:)

Breath- Before you do anything particularly anxious, find some breathing methods that work for you. It could be the traditional in for 3 out for 5 or the paper bag method, but each person works differently so find your own way.

Question the Situation- Think about what exactly is making you anxious and realise that even though the exam or presentation or scenario may be incredibly important, these days with tests there is more than often a second chance at it and ultimately everyone will be nervous.

Accept Your Anxiety For What It Is- Anxiety will be there but it’s not going to kill you, in fact it will probably make you stronger for overcoming it.

Brainstorm the Solutions- Write down 5 ways how you can overcome that anxiety. It may be just as simple as you having to do the scenario and getting through it with courage.

Take Action- Take action to combat your anxiety. Try not to let it get to the point where you have no option but to have a meltdown. Think about the stimuli and the signs that you’re getting closer to the panic attack.

Be Comfortable With Your Actions- The biggest thing in dealing with your anxiety to to know that what ever way you deal with it, is the right way for YOU! You’re the most important person in this situation so even though others may not agree with you, life is sometimes about being selfish and ensuring you can get through things. Sometimes even though it may not be the right option long term, walking away is the right option.

Trust That Everything Will Work Out- Believe that in time everything will work out. It may not feel like that at the time, but your new path may be the right option for you. Life changes constantly so adapt to that.

The most important thing to remember is this: You only become anxious about something because you care and want it to go well.

Until next time,