A Poem For Courtney

So as most will know we lost our beloved Courtney recently after a 4 month battle with Lymphoma which she so bravely fought so I’d thought I’d go back to the one way I know how to express my emotions and write a poem in tribute to our little furry angel.

Thankyou Courtney

9th of January you became one of the family,

Your beautiful eyes won us over, Sid had chosen you so carefully.

From stealing shoes and nicking bread,

Anywhere you wanted to be, became your bed.

Trained by Kelly to sit for Cheese,

We could never predict the legacy of which you would leave.

That famous Courtney Cuddle of which we all so dearly miss.

All those memories with you would be too long to list.

You allowed your fellow hound Aiofe, to have your home,

Because of you Courtney I know I will never ever feel alone.

So sleep tight my darling and you with the angels will play,

Until we meet again, spend time with Sid and Charlie, I will see you again someday.

Granted an openly emotional post may not be for everyone, but this is the way I express my feelings so I don’t struggle too much in dealing with things. The support from all family and friends for all my immediate family has been truly amazing, from cards of condolence to a brilliant photo frame engraved with a tribute to Courtney which we truly thank you for Lucy.

For now, blogging is not my priority, so until next time,