What does the future hold?

So as life begins to supposedly return to normality, like most people I have began to think about what my personal future holds in the next year or two. We all know good old Covid isn’t going anywhere soon that naturally creates massive implications on my final year at university but also the first year of my teaching career.

To tell the truth, I had little motivation to actually ever do another post simply because of ideas for posts. I have always refused to be simply one of those people who post for the sake of posting, but having a blog which at one point was hitting views per post of 8000-10000, I may as well use the platform I once had to my benefit.

So to the actual title of the post, what does my future actually hold? Truth is, a challenging final year at university which has been heavily impacted because of Covid, a reality of not having a teaching job when graduating because of how late my 3rd year placement finishes and finally the hope of going to teach abroad for the first year after graduating for the above reasons.

University wise, I know where I’m at grade wise and what I want to achieve, but I also know what obstacles are in the way of me achieving that. Namely….. my self destroying ways. It is clear that whilst I am far from the smartest person, I am one who knows how to knuckle down and graft. Whether or not I graduate with a 2:1 or a 2:2, I know for sure that after being told 6 years ago that I would never go to university, I will have beaten what was expected of me and what the person who diagnosed me with ASD told me I would ever be able to do.

Yes the diagnosis has helped greatly at times, but it has also restricted me on so many occasions. It destroys so much self belief and I often feel that I can’t achieve things due to the perceived limitations around what autistic people can do! Reality is, I have always had a dream of being a primary school teacher and I am only 12 months away from qualifying as one. Autism has held me back at times but it has also given me the desire to raise awareness of it to other people and ultimately stand up against people who ridicule and talk bad of autistic people. I truly wish that this time in 2021 I can look at this post and know that I have realized the dreams which I have explained in this post.

No matter what mental health challenges I face in the next 12 months, I have assured myself that I will succeed in my goals. To be honest with oneself about our challenges is arguably the hardest thing about life, but as cliche it sounds, life is about overcoming challenges and not letting the challenges dictate who we are.

To the person who inspired me to return to posting again (they know who they are), I thank you, and I am truly glad to have you in my life.

Until I return again……